How to get a miraculous weight loss in a week?

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How to get a miraculous weight loss in a week?

We all know that losing weight is difficult.  But you must not know that losing 4.5 kg weight in just a week is possible. Though, not taking any help of liposuction or injections, but in a healthy way. However, it would not be a long-term fix, but it would be a kick start to your long term sustainable body shaping. This process will be burning 10 pounds pure body fat within a week. It is also possible that your excess body water weight will be decreased because this plan makes the insulin level a bit low so that the body gets rid of stored carbs and excess water.

Let us have a look at these miraculous steps towards your weight loss in just a week.

Things to keep in mind while planning for weight gainEliminate carbs, have proteins:
You can lose several pounds in a week if you stop consuming carbs. There are many research cases revealed that a low carb diet would be more effective than healthier diet. Additionally, you have to eat a lot of protein to fill the gaps of carbs and boost your body metabolism. It would help you to reduce excess water from your body.

Reduce your calorie intake:
Calorie reduction is the most important part of any kind of weight loss. Keep Your Diet Balanced. Maintain a balanced diet and eat smaller portions of each meal would help you a lot.

Count your calorie:
First, weigh the food you are taking. Start using a calorie counting tool to keep a track of a particular amount of calorie and nutrients are are having. You can even install few mobile tutorial based mobile apps to guide you through all your meals and calories.

Only meals:
You have to ditch your regular habit of eating snacks in the evening or afternoon time.  Eat only the meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try not to have anything after dinner or lunch. (Also Read: Smart tips for women to lose weight after 40)

Veggies are best:
Try having almost all types of veggies. You should be having green veggies a lot.  Your salad plate would contain less starchy foods. Therefore, you have to say a big no to rice, potato, pasta etc.

Forget drinking calories:
Do not even think of having various types of cold drinks. Drinks a plenty of water. Besides that try drinking green tea and coffee too.

Go for the whole food, not processed:
According to any weight loss diet plan, whole foods are the first thing should be added in the chart. Whole foods can fill your stomach easily by having a little amount. Hence, this helps in quick weight loss.  You have to eat mostly whole, single-ingredient foods. Highly processed foods are not good for health.

Go for high-intensity interval training:
Exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight faster. You should try weight lifting which would help you to lose the similar amount of weight as aerobic training. Also, It helps to gain muscle strength. Moreover, It is a great method to lower the excess water from the body. 5-10 minutes of high-intensity training can boost important aspects of weight loss.

Note: Try these tips deliberately for one week. But it is always better to consult a nutritionist or a dietitian before moving forward. You might not know there can be a nutrient deficiency in your body which would be stimulated during your dieting days and it can make you weaker and unwell.

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