How to fix poop problem caused by weight loss diet

how to fix poop problem caused by weight loss diet

The weight loss journey is a tough task. The proper weight loss journey requires a lot of dedication along with proper diet and exercise. During the weight loss journey, you have to curb the consumption of unhealthy foods. The unhealthy foods contain a lot of unhealthy carbs and fats which may cause trouble in your weight loss journey. Ironically, when you swap the normal diet with weight loss diet it may disturb the natural cycle of poop. Moreover, the fibre packed rich dinner always cause endless farts. (Also read: Amazing Cardio Tips To Burn More Fat)

Here how to fix stomach problem caused by weight loss diet.

Cutting Carbs

Controlling carbs is the best way to cut processed food during weight loss journey. Ironically, when you cut carbs you also cut fibre intake as well. When you cut whole grains things can get plugged up. This lead to constipation problem.

How to fix it

Consume carbs with high-fibre quantity and eliminate low-fibre carbs.

Increasing amount of fibre intake

Fibrous food cause stomach problem as it is hard to digest despite it makes you fuller for a longer time. The higher intake of fibrous food may cause problems like gas and bloating and diarrhoea. (Also read: What does the poop suggest about the belly fat)

How to fix it

To fix the problem, if you have been recommended to eat some beans, start with half of the portion. So that you know the symptoms of any problem, if any, within six hours.

Curbing your sweet and processed food

When you stop consuming sweet and processed food to achieve fitness goals. Then the most common substitute people go for is berries. The berries don’t absorb completely in the body and cause problems like gassiness, bloating, and diarrhoea.

How to fix it

To fix this problem pay attention to how your body reacts after eating sugar-free foods. If you face any symptoms cut them from your diet. If you want to cut back on sugar it’s better to eat just fewer processed food.

Guzzling sports drink

Sports drinks are a great way to keep yourself energized during the long workouts. The sports drinks give you instant energy due to the presence of fructose-a sugar molecule that naturally occurs in fruit. However, the quick absorption can trigger problems cramping and diarrhoea.

How to fix it

Moderate your drinks if you face any stomach problems. Sip sports drink occasionally if you are worried and keep in mind that you need to hydrate.

Going for long runs

The exercise is good for your stomach. As exercise escalates diversity in microflora, which is key for a healthy stomach. Moreover, if you regularly go for longer runs you may face the poop problem.

How to fix it

Stay hydrated if you go for long running. And use the bathroom before you start running. (Also read: Weight loss rules which are necessary to follow)

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