How orange is beneficial for weight loss

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Oranges are beneficial for weight loss.

Consume oranges for weight loss.

Losing extra weight from the body is a very difficult task. People adopt many techniques to lose weight such as dieting, exercise, consumption of supplements, yoga and diet plans. People load up extra body fats due to bad routine, stress and consumption of unhealthy foods. If you want to lose extra weight from the body the orange consumption may become beneficial for you. The oranges are a good source of Vitamins A, Vitamin-C, Vitamin B6 and magnesium, which increases your metabolic rate and also helps to burn excess fat in your body. (Also read: Where does your fat goes when you burn them off)

Let’s know how oranges are beneficial to reduce extra weight from the body:

  • Fibre helps in losing weight
  • Calories are less in orange
  • Orange diet is effective in reducing weight
  • What to eat more to lose weight
  1. Fibre helps in reducing weight
    Oranges are a good source of dietary fibre. There is 3.1 gram dietary fibre in an orange. Fibre keeps your stomach full for a long time and regulates your craving for more food. If you consume an orange before eating, the fibre in them will keep your stomach filled.  Moreover, the excessive consumption of orange is bad for health, to know more click here.
  2. Calories are low in orange in orange:

    Orange contains very low calories as compared to other snacks.

    Compared to other snacks, oranges contain fewer calories. There are 154 calories in a serving of potato chips, which is almost double the orange. So eat an orange instead of other snacks.

  3. Orange diet is effective in reducing weight
    Following orange diet, you have to consume 2 litres of orange juice daily. One orange in the morning on an empty stomach and second in the afternoon. Consume orange juice at least half an hour before breakfast. After lunch, take a gap of 2 hours and then drink orange juice. This will help you to reduce weight effectively. Never consume packed orange juice. Always consume homemade orange juice as it contains all the nutritious ingredients.
  4. What to eat and what to eat
    Only by eating an orange or its juice you can not reduce your weight, but you need to consume many other healthy foods. Other foods which you should eat along with orange diet are: (Also read: Best rice to lose weight: Which rice is the best for weight loss)
  • Beans and nuts
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid soda and coffee intake
  • Drink black tea or green tea instead of coffee
  • Avoid eating artificial sugar

An orange and orange juice regulates your weight and also burns your fat. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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