How dance helps to lose weight

dance helps lose weight

The majority of people adopt dieting and exercising to lose weight but still, they can not lose weight at the earliest. They search for new exercises and techniques to lose weight. Interestingly, the majority of people are unaware of the fact that they can lose weight effectively with the help of dance. People dance only to express feelings but dance also helps them to stay fit. There are many types of dance and some dance styles are really helpful to burn 400 calories in one hour.

Here are the dance forms which help you to lose weight.


In this dance style, you freely dance with loud music. To practice free-style dance you need an adequate space. By, practising 30 minutes of freestyle dance in a day, you can reduce 3-4 kg in a weight.

dance helps lose weight
This dance style is very popular among people. Hip-hop dance provides similar results like high energy workout. This form of dance is beneficial for everyone. You can burn 250 calories if you practice this dance style for once hour daily.

Belly Dance
dance helps lose weight
Belly dance is a very popular dance form. This is especially popular among girls, with this style of dancing, you can give a good shape to your stomach and buttocks. By belly dancing one hour a day you can burn up to 300 calories.

dance helps lose weight
This Latin American style of dance is also quite popular, it requires plenty of energy to do. By doing this dance, your mind is entertained and at the same time, it is also burns calories. If you practice salsa for one hour you can burn around 420 calories.

Pole Dance

dance helps lose weight

This is a difficult form of dance. In this form of dance, the pole is used. Pole dancing for 30 minutes and spending 20 minutes in the gym provides same results.

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