How Anant Ambani managed to lose 108 kg weight in 18 months

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How Anant Ambani managed to lose 108 kg weight in 18 months

Losing weight is a challenge that people face and try really hard to fight it. Obesity is a problem that has gripped our entire generation even the multimillionaires have seen its impact. The son of the richest family in the country that is Anant Ambani used to be really obese. Anant was 208 kg when he decided to lose weight. In eighteen months itself, he lost 108 kg of weight. His fitness routine and dedication is an inspiration to many. He has been following a tough routine to achieve his fitness goals. Let’s see how did he manage to do that. (Also read: What are the signs that you are losing too much weight)

Anant Ambani had a habit of consuming unhealthy food items without any exercising routine. As a result, he ended up gaining a lot of weight. To lose weight he was asked to let go of unhealthy eating habits and switch to healthy eating habits. Anant started focusing on eating in the right proportion and method.

Started with light workout
The weight of Anant was too much for his age so for him losing weight was a grave challenge for him. That is why he started with a light workout routine. He went for walks in the morning and evening that helped him to control the weight.(Also read: How to lose hip fat naturally and effectively)

Intensive workout
To reduce the weight Anant actually worked really hard. He was in a workout frenzy for 4 to 5 hours a day. He practised cardio, weight training and intense cardio. All these things were a great help to him.

Opted for natural means
Anant Ambani is suffering from diabetes and asthma so for him the surgery was completely out of question. Therefore, Anant understood the situation and decided to opt for a natural way to lose the weight.

What lessons can we learn from Anant Ambani’s success story?
The journey of Anant Ambani tells us that if you really want to live in a healthy way then you must make an effort for it. (Also read: How to get a flat stomach in just one week)

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