How Almonds Helps To Lose Weight

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How Almonds Helps to lose weight


Almonds and Weight loss, it is hard to connect each other, right? We often read about many diet plans, exercises and workout plans. But we never think about the small food items which help massively in weight loss process and simultaneously fill our stomach too. Almonds come in this types of foods. You might think nuts are filled with fatty acids and calories, so how can almonds be helpful in losing weight? Let us tell you how almonds help you in the same. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Can Lose Back Fat Effectively)

How do Almonds help in weight loss?
Almonds have a lot of fatty acids. This is true! But it also has omega 9, omega 6 and omega 3; these are not saturated fats and trans fats. These components are healthy fats which are great for our healthy living. These good fats are helpful in preventing cardio vascular diseases efficiently. Oher than that, almonds are full of Fibre which helps in filling our stomach for a longer time. Eventually, it stops us from over eating. Moreover, Magnesium, vitamin E, and anti oxidant are another components present in almonds. Magnesium helps in maintaining our blood sugar levels which stop the food cravings. Hence, it is clear that this process helps us to maintain weight loss. Also, Magnesium is an excellent source of energy and helps build the muscle mass. Finally, Vitamin E, antioxidants increase the blood flow during the workouts which lets muscles contract more easily. So, now you can understand how important almond is in maintaining weight loss. (Also Read: Healthiest Vegetarian Foods For Weight Loss)

Interesting ways to consume almonds for weight loss:

1. Always keep a packet of roasted almonds in your bag. This will be your mate whenever you will feel hungry. Take out a handful of almonds and keep them having as your snacks.

2. Try to incorporate almonds into your breakfast. Soak a bowl full of almonds overnight and next day morning have some of them with your breakfast. You can even add some almond pieces to your oats preparation or cereal.

3. During lunch time also add some almond to your platter. You can make almond Raita. For this, you have to take some chopped almonds with yoghurt and sprinkle your favourite spices. This item is full of protein and good bacteria. This will help you’re activating your digestion better.

4. Your evening smacks can be with almonds too. What you have to do is just to add some almond pieces to your evening plate of pasta or noodles. It will make your snacks healthy and let your belly stay full for a longer time.

5. Your dinner desert can be full of almonds too. Add this to your favourite ice cream or chocolate and enjoy the great taste of nutty desserts. (Also Read: Easy Exercises To Reduce Double Chin Quickly)

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