Which hormones prevent weight loss process

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hormones prevent weight loss process

Many people fail to lose weight even after sticking to the perfect diet plan and practising effective weight loss exercises. Due to failure in losing weight, they start feeling depressed. There are maybe several other reasons for not losing weight including temporary lifestyles, ageing and hormonal imbalances. Hormones play an effective role in not losing weight. (Also read: What are the common myths about belly fats)

Let’s know about hormones that halt your weight loss process.


Leptin is an essential hormone in our body. This hormone helps in burning fat in the body. In fact, leptin hormone sends a signal to your brain that the amount of fat in your body has been completed or the body does not need fat anymore. Due to the imbalance in this hormone, the person does not know about the exact amount of body fat. Due to which body leads to weight gain. Exercise daily to keep this hormone balanced. Try to reduce the amount of fat and sugar in your diet. Sleep at least 8 hours daily.


Cortisol is known as stress-related hormones. This hormone starts increasing in the brain due to tension which leads to overeating. The overeating cause weight gain. To keep this hormone balance, do not consume high-carbohydrate food, take full sleep and listen to music to avoid tensions. (Also read: Which Protein-rich snacks helps in weight loss)


Insulin regulates sugar levels in our blood. In addition, insulin works to eliminate surplus glucose from the blood. Due to its freezing, fat cells begin to grow. There is a possibility of weight gain due to changes in this hormone. To keep this hormone balance, consume less amount of carbohydrate and exercise daily.


Ghrelin is known as the name of hunger hormones. This hormone signals to your brain that now you are hungry. Ghrelin levels begin to grow before appetite and when you eat food, it comes under control. Due to an imbalance of this hormone, the person fail to acknowledge whether he is eating too much or eat without stopping. This cause weight gain. To control this hormone, take protein in the morning and consume adequate water. (Also read: How can different teas help you to lose weight)

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