Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

Healthy Indian Breakfast List To Lose Weight

“Eating breakfast like a king” is a mandate but there are many people out there who are scared even with the thought of this. Eating to stuff your stomach does not mean that you need to eat heavy and oily food items rather, there are some amazing eateries which not only keep you full but are also very good for health and weight loss. [Also Read: Painless ways to lose weight without diet]

You can include food in breakfast menu which can increase your metabolism directly affecting by your weight loss. Read this article to get acquainted with some best breakfast dishes which can help you lose weight:

Paneer Paratha:
The herbed paneer paratha is very good to eat when you want your breakfast to be healthy, effective and with less fat. Paneer is a great source of protein and calcium while it is very low in cholesterol level. It is also a great source of conjugated linoleic acid which helps in boosting the fat burning process. To prepare a paneer paratha for a weight loss breakfast, you need to add to it-mint leaves, green chilli, coriander, dill leaves and grated cottage cheese. Prepare this meal with only 2 spoons of cooking oil.

Cabbage Paneer Paratha
Cabbage keeps you satiated for longer as it is extremely rich in fibre content. It is a great source of protein and Vitamin C hence helps in a healthy breakfast contributing to weight loss too. To prepare cabbage paratha, you need to add in it chopped coriander leaves, green chillies and paneer. Remember to use only one spoon of oil while you are cooking. [Also Read: Eating Dalia Promotes Weight Loss]

Eggs are excellent to eat in breakfast. Rich in proteins, Selenium and Choline, eggs have high nutritional value. Either in boiled, scrambled or sun rise form, eggs can give a boost to your metabolism rate. The presence of Selenium helps in improving the thyroid gland functioning in the body.

Corn and Capsicum Sandwich:
Corns are rich in complex carbs which take the time to digest hence give a satiated feeling for long. Further, they are also rich in Manganese which is good for health. To prepare this sandwich you need to make a mixture of corn, capsicum, onion, green chillies in a spoon of butter. Once the mixture is prepared after heating, take whole wheat bread and spread the mixture on it. Grill the sandwich and have this healthy breakfast meal.

Banana-Apple Milk Porridge
An apple a day keeps the doctor away and when it comes to banana it is rich in Vitamins and Potassium. Therefore, a mixture of banana-apple-milk porridge is highly beneficial for health with negligible fat content.

You need to add salt according to your taste buds in all the meals. Do not overdo with the spices as they are not good for health. Thus, your breakfast meal now has a variety. [Also Read: Common mistakes people do while trying to lose weight]

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