Which fruits help you to lose weight quickly

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fruits help lose weight quickly

Along with perfect workout, it is necessary to consume food that escalates weight loss process. To reduce weight, people who follow the diet plan are often advised to consume fruits, vegetables, eggs and proteins containing protein. Fruits are the source of energy. The consumption of foods provides essential vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and many other nutrients to the body. If you workout by aiming to lose weight then you should consume fruits that help to stay healthy and also help you to lose weight. (Also read: Which food should be consumed together to escalate weight loss process)

Let’s know which fruits are beneficial to lose weight.


Calories in watermelon are very low and the amount of water is very high, so eating watermelon keeps your body hydrated. Moreover, eating watermelon does not increase weight. Eating watermelon and drinking its juice is both beneficial to lose weight.


There is a sufficient amount of fibre in pear. Its consumption makes you feel full for a longer time. It controls appetite and beneficial to lose weight. Moreover, it also reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. Pear is more beneficial if consumed without removing skin. (Also read: What Are The Things Nobody Will Tell You About Losing Weight)


Guava is a good source of fibre, so this is a better option for controlling the weight. Apart from this, there are calcium and vitamins present in the guava helps to burn body’s extra fat and boost metabolism.


Raspberry contains fibre along with vitamins-C, A, E and K which helps in regulating body weight and also burns extra fat. It also boosts metabolism and increases metabolic rate, which leads to weight loss. Raspberry also improves bowel movement and reduces inflammation.


The amount of calories in apple is low. A medium-sized apple contains 72 calories. The apple is also a good source of fibre which makes you feel full for a longer time, Moreover, the consumption of apple also control the blood sugar levels. That’s why consumption of apple is useful for weight loss. (Also read: How Green Apples Can Help In Weight Loss)

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