How does fox nut (Makhana) help to lose weight

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How does fox nut (Makhana) help to lose weight

Makhana or fox nuts are one of the healthiest snacks one can hop on anytime. Being light and filling, they are a good option to satiate the hunger in a healthy manner. Nowadays, the demand of fox nuts is increasing day by day. Consumption of makhana or fox nuts in moderation and in a healthy manner helps to lose weight. In fact, these days, fox nuts are available in various flavours, which serves as a treat to the taste buds. Being low in calorie count, fox nuts are great for the weight loss journey. Around 50gm of roasted fox nuts contain 180 calories. Not just this, it has no saturated fat or sodium in it. Besides this, if you consume it without any ghee or oil, you will gain maximum benefit. (Also read: How does tomato help us to lose weight)

How does fox nut (Makhana) help to lose weight?

Nutritional value of fox nuts: Being rich in good carbohydrates and proteins, fox nuts are great for the health of the body. They contain a flavonoid known as kaempferol which has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. It is gluten-free and keeps the heart healthy. Besides this, makhana has a good amount of calcium, potassium and sodium in it which helps in the proper flow of the blood in the body. Iron is also found in an adequate amount in fox nuts, thus, it helps to regulate the level of haemoglobin in the body.

How can you eat fox nuts to lose weight?
Dry roasted fox nuts: Remember, you must not add any ghee or oil while roasting the fox nuts. Saute them on low flame and store them in a dry place. (Also read: How does cinnamon and honey water help to lose weight)

Flavoured fox nuts: In order to treat your taste buds, you can add different flavours to the foxnuts. You can add mint leaves, curry leaves, different spices, garlic powder etc. to add flavour to the fox nuts. Make sure you don’t add much oil, as it will increase the calorie count.

A pinch of ghee: Our body requires healthy fat, so add a pinch of ghee or oil but not in an excess. Just give a slight taste and roast them. You can add peanuts as well. Sprinkle some salt and chat masala to add flavour to the same. (Also read: How does turmeric help to lose weight)

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