Fat burning exercises: Effective exercises to burn body fat

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Fat burning effective exercising

Fat burning effective exercising

Fat burning exercises: Additional fat deposited on the body reduces your fitness and physical strength. In fact, because of the wrong food and lifestyle habits, the fat starts growing around the stomach and other parts of the body and you become fat. But now you can remove extra fat by exercising for few minutes in the day. With the help of a workout done in just 7 minutes, you can reduce the body fat quickly. For this purpose, you can get the benefits of the amazing 7 minutes of fat burning. (Also read: How to burn fat with Kettle bell Exercises)

Let’s talk about which workouts you can lose weight in 7 minutes.

What is a 7-minute workout:

In this 7-minute workout, some High-Intensity Interval Training Exercise has been included, which have to be done within 7 minutes. Practice one set of these exercises within 50 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds and start the second set. This workout accelerates the metabolism rate of the body by increasing your heart rate and increasing the temperature of the core muscles. Thereby the body is prepared for the process of fat burning. High-intensity interval training exercises create a lot of pressure on the muscles, and the muscles are relaxed as well. Because of which you get faster and better results.

The exercise included in this workout:

Leg Extension:

This exercise reduces the fat of thighs while strengthening the legs. To do this, sit on the leg extension machine and keep the waist straight and bring the feet to the hips. Now slowly move the feet down. (Also read: Make Attractive Back With The Help Of Barbell Exercises)

Knee-to-Elbow Push-ups:

This exercise is very effective in reducing the fat of core muscles. To do this, get in the position of push-ups, now do the rep one of the push-ups and bring the right knee to the right elbow and then take it to the starting position. After this, bring the left knee to the left position and then repeat the process by moving it to the starting position.

Reverse lunge with a front kick:

To do this exercise, open the legs as much as the waist. Now move the left knee backward and lunge, then after standing upright lift the left leg forward. Repeat this process with the other leg.

Ankle Touch Crunch:

To do this exercise, lie on the floor on the ground. Now lift the legs straight upwards and keep your hands straight on the chest. Now try to touch the neck and waist in a straight line and touch the hair with your hands.

Leg raise with toe touch:

To do this exercise, lie on the floor on the ground and keep hands on both sides of the hips. Now bring the feet together straight up towards the hips. After this, touch the toes with both hands and then bring the feet back to the initial position. Repeat this process.

Side Oblique Crunch:

To do this exercise, put the right forearm on the right shoulder and get in the position of Plank and place the left hand behind the head. Now bring the hips towards the ground and bring the left elbow towards the waist. Repeat this process on the other side.

Mountain Climbers:

To do this exercise, get in the position of the high plank and then bring the left knee to the stomach and then straighten it back. With this speed, bring the right knee to the stomach and straighten it. Repeat this process fast. There are other ways in which the mountain climbing exercise. Click the link to know.

These exercises are amazing for the fat burning. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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