Eating mistakes which increases weight instead of losing weight

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eating mistakes which increases weight instead of losing weight

People do workouts, dieting and more to lose weight. There are many people, who were unable to do work out due to a shortage of time. And such people try to lose weight by sticking to a diet plan. But you make many such mistakes related to food, which increases weight instead of losing weight and you can not lose according to your target. (Also read: Why eating fiber rich food is beneficial for weight loss)

Let’s know which food mistakes prevent your weight loss.

Just drink juice in breakfast

If start your day with only juice, aiming to lose weight then this is wrong. Drinking only juice increases blood sugar, causing your body to produce more insulin and you feel more hungry. It is also harmful to your brain. So drinking only juice in breakfast causes problems in losing weight.

Follow someone’s diet plan

If you follow someone’s diet plan then this can be your biggest mistake. It is not necessary that the diet plan due to which your friend has lost weight will prove beneficial for you too as everyone’s body and routines are different. Get advice from your trainer before following the diet plan. He will help you choose the right diet plan according to your body. (Also read: Which hormones prevent weight loss process)

Consume excessive proteins

It is essential for the muscle building but your body is unable to use it if you consume more protein than a requirement. For this, should not consume more protein than a certain quantity.

Replacing diet plan

It takes little time to lose weight by following any diet plan. During that time, you have to be some patience. If you keep changing diet plans, you can not lose weight.  In this regard,  follow the same diet plan with the advice of your trainer.

Do not consume carbohydrate

It is important to consume carbohydrate as it provides energy to the body. When you stop consuming carbohydrates to lose weight it can be harmful to you. Therefore, you should continue to eat healthy carbs which comes from grains and other food items. (Also read: How black pepper helps in weight loss)

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