Easy Exercises To Reduce Double Chin Quickly

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Easy Exercises To Reduce Double Chin Quickly

We have tried a lot of tricks to hide the double chin. But this notorious fat never leaves any chance to Peek-a-boo us. This generally causes by being overweight. Both men and women can suffer from this problem. One can opt for the surgical process to get rid of it but as you know, facial surgeries are dangerous and have many side effects. You do not have to find the other options to get rid of double chin. Here we are sharing some effective and easy exercises which you can do anytime, anywhere. Hope this helps.

The Kiss Exercise:
This is the favourite of all the girls. It is “kiss exercise”. While standing you just have to tilt your head back and have to look forward to the sky. Make a shrunk pout at the top only. Hold the kiss pose for 5 seconds. After that relax your lips and go back to the beginning position. Keep repeating this for 10 times.

Stick out exercise:
Look straight and forward your face, open your mouth widely. Open it as much as possible. Then, slowly stick your tongue out and do the counting until it comes to 8. Return your tongue to the starting position again by counting the same. Repeat this exercise for 10 times.

Jaw Out exercise:
While standing or seating, tilt your head back and look forward to the sky. Try Pushing your lower jaw forward up to the sky to feel a stretch under the chin. Hold the jaw jut for 10 counts. Therefore, relax the jaw and return your head to the neutral position. Do not hurry. Do all the steps very slowly as this exercise sometimes calls for sprains. So, gradually do this exercise for 10 times in a day.

Neck Rolls exercise:
While you are standing to drop your chin right to your chest. do not over forward the neck. Slowly rotate your heels clockwise and come back to the beginning position. After that rotate your head again on anti-clockwise direction. While moving your head you have to be very careful about your motions as this can cause sprains. You can keep repeating this exercise for 30 seconds. This exercise is very good for those who suffer from Spondylitis problems.

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