What are the things every woman should know about fat reduction

complete information related to womens body fat reduction

Women’s fitness goals differ from men and their body fat percentage is also different from men in general. To reduce body fat, you need to have all the information related to it, otherwise, your hard work can turn waste or you may have negative effects on your body. In fact, the physical structure of women is different, because of this, their body fat also increases due to some hormone imbalance. (Also read: What mistakes men commit during the weight loss diet)

Let’s know how women can reduce body fat and what information they should know about weight loss.

How much body fat is normal in women:

In women, 20-30 percent body fat is considered normal. More body fat makes him a prey of obesity, and less than 15 percent of body fat causes problems like fatigue, hair loss and low blood pressure. However, to get accurate information pertaining to body fat, you should get the doctor’s advice so that he can give you better data according to your body and lifestyle.

Body fat can be reduced by:
complete information related to womens body fat reduction
You need to reduce your caloric intake to reduce body fat safely. But also for the energy and strength of daily activities, you also need some amount of calories. Women need 2000 calories a day if you want to safely reduce body fat, then drop 400-500 calories. Which is less than 1 percent of your body fat in a week. (Also read: Reduce fat with the help of just 7 minutes of workout)


Women should exercise in order to reduce body fat. Body Fat is quickly and safely reduced by regular practice of cardio, yoga and weight lifting workout. You can choose such exercises in the workouts, which affect the body more than one muscle. By which the body’s metabolism is intensified. When the body demands more energy then it starts using your body’s stored fat energy and it will make you slim.

Some common exercises which help women to reduce body fat.

Kettlebell Squat:

This exercise helps reduce the fat of hands, core muscles, hips and feet, and tone the muscles. To do this, hold the kettlebell and put it in front of the chest. After this, stand the legs open slightly more than the shoulders and squat.

Kettlebell Deadlift:

This exercise helps reduce the fat of your waist and hips. To do this, hold the handles of Kettlebell with both hands and open the legs equal to the shoulders. Now keep the hips and waist downwards and keep the kettlebell on the ground while keeping the lower part of the feet straight.

complete information related to womens body fat reduction
You should take care of your diet to reduce reducing body fat in women. Consume proteins, minerals and vitamins, complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fat in your diet. Drink plenty of water with it, the body remains hydrated and digestive and metabolism works smoothly. Avoid foods containing sugar. (Also read: What are the easiest ways to lose weight without workout)

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