What are the common myths about belly fats

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The excessive belly fats affect overall health and cause serious problems like obesity, blood pressure and others. Moreover, the belly fats look weird and make you uncomfortable. There are many reason cause belly fats including junk foods or consumption of foods which contains extra fats. Despite the various diet plans and exercises are available to shun extra belly fats but the people still believes in the myths. The myths spread wrong information and create problems for people who want to lose belly fats. (Also read: How to burn 100 calories every day easily)

Types of belly fat

The majority of people suffer from abdominal fats. The abdominal fat has been categorized into two types including subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The subcutaneous fat lying above the belly muscles and hampers the visibility of abs while the second type is the visceral fat which is situated deep inside the abdomen and surrounds your organs.

Let’s know about the myths about belly fats.

Myth: A beer Belly is caused by drinking alcohol
common myths belly fats
The beer belly is not triggered by the consumption of beer. Yes, if you want to flaunt your six-packs, then you definitely need to re-consider your alcohol consumption. The belly fat is mainly accumulated by edibles rich in fat and calories.

Myth: Reducing intake of healthy fats help in cutting down belly fat
common myths belly fats
Reducing intake of healthy fats help in reducing belly is a wrong fact. If you consuming a diet rich in healthy fats will play an effective role in weight loss process. Moreover, the healthy fats help in enhancing your hair texture, glowing skin and nails. For better results just add an adequate quantity of healthy fats in the diet. The healthy fat oil includes olive and avocado oil. (Also read: How to motivate yourself to lose weight)

Myth: People tend to have belly fat since birth
common myths belly fats
This is totally wrong fat that you will accumulate fat by your genes. The fact is that the people who have an apple shaped body are more prone to accumulate fats around belly as compared to others. If you take care of diet and exercise then you can easily shun extra fat.

Myth: Exercises like crunches reduces belly fat
common myths belly fats
People usually believe that the only crunches will curb extra belly fats, which is totally wrong. Crunches coupled with other abs workouts only build strength and endurance in your abdominal muscles. (Also read: What Are The Best Weight Loss Tips For Your New Year’s Resolution)

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