Can acupuncture help to lose weight?

Can acupuncture help to lose weight?

Acupuncture helps to lose weight. And it is followed by those who look for unconventional modes of treatment. Under this procedure, extremely thin needles are inserted at strategic bodily points called acupuncture points. Once the needles are placed at various depths, they are stimulated with electricity. The process suppresses appetites, reduce stress and cholesterol levels, improve blood circulation and also increase metabolism. The acupuncture can kill the symptoms of the obesity.

Acupuncture kills obesity symptoms in following ways: 

Gut bacteria:
Acupuncture helps to restore the balance of bacteria in the gut by adjusting the immune system. Therefore, this is helpful to control weight to an extent.

Appetite reduction:
This mode of treatment can suppress the appetites as they affect our minds and moods. It makes people feel full and thus they end up eating less.

Mood change:
This can also improve our mood, decrease stress and depression by increasing the release of specific neurotransmitters.

Regularly communicating with an acupuncture practitioner would increase the motivation to lose weight.

Who should avoid acupuncture?
The people who are suffering from the bleeding disorder should stay away from acupuncture. Those who use a pacemaker should also avoid electroacupuncture as the electric activity may interact with the pacemaker.

Different modes of acupuncture:

Auricular acupuncture: This form of acupuncture targets specific points on the external surface of the ear which is an important microsystem within the body. Stimulating various sites of the ear is also highly effective for spurring weight loss.

Laser Acupuncture for Weight Loss:
Laser acupuncture combines ancient Chinese technique with modern technology. In this treatment, the expert use non-thermal and low-intensity radiation beams instead of needles. This is also effective for treating addictions and create a feeling of fullness while accelerating the metabolism which helps to shed weight.

Acupuncture Magnets:
Ear magnets (Acupuncture magnets) are the products which the acupuncture specialist place on certain points of the ear.  It also remain associated with other organs which control bodily functions, this helps in shedding weight.

Acupuncture Balls:
In this treatment, tiny balls stimulate weight loss. The duration of this treatment depends on how much weight you want to lose. Continue doing treatments 1-3 times a week until you lose the desired amount of weight.

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