Burn fats: What are the ways to burn fats without cardio

Ways to burn fat without cardio

Fat burn: Burn fat without cardio

Burning fat is mandatory to lose weight. During the fat burning process, the body breaks down stored fats and expelled through urine, sweat and lungs. People adopt many methods and techniques to burn fats. They practice cardio and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) work. Some people also follow diet plans and consumed supplements to burn fats. The cardio and HIIT workout is quite efficient to burn fats but many people quit due to toughness. If you want to burn fats without cardio then there are many tips. These tips burn fat effectively and help you to achieve fitness results at the earliest. (Also read: Weight loss: Fruits and vegetables that burn fat during the night)

Burn fats: How to burn fats without cardio

  • Use basic, multijoint exercises
  • Train in Circuits
  • Make each circuit 2-5 minutes long
  • Reduce Weight
  • Get your priorities straight
  1. Use Basic, multijoint exercises

    Burn fat with multi joint exercise
    Fat burn: Multi-joint exercise helps to burn fat.

    Practice exercise which involves maximum muscles. Exercise like deadlifts, bench press and bent over rows to burn fats.

  2. Train in circuits
    To burn fats always alternate upper and lower body exercise. Moreover, this will also spread the fatigue of your body. For better results reduce the rest time between sets, which will keep your heart rate up.
  3. Make each circuit 2-5 minutes long
    To burn fat practice 6-8 exercise with 10 reps in a controlled manner. Each set should last about 45 seconds. Moreover, at the end of circuit take a rest of 2-3 minutes this will make your workout similar to HIIT training. (Also read: How to burn fat with Kettlebell Exercises)
  4. Get your priorities straight
    Making your priorities clear help you to achieve results at the earliest. If you want to burn fat then your objective is different than gaining size and strength.
  5. The format for exercises to burn fats
  • Circuits- 6 to10
  • Exercises per circuit- 6 to 8
  • Reps per set -10
  • Frequency-3 times per week
  • Types of Exercises- Multijoint exercises

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There is the various option available to burn fats. But a majority of people are not aware of fact that they can also burn fats without cardio and HIIT.

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