How black pepper helps in weight loss

black pepper helps weight loss

A pinch of black pepper changes the taste of your food. The black pepper has a good fragrance and provides numerous health benefits. Pepper is rich in nutrients like magnesium, copper, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and iron. In addition, black pepper also contains plenty of dietary fibre, protein and carbohydrate. By consuming black pepper your digestive system becomes healthy, prevents stomach problems and you can also reduce weight with the help of black pepper. There are some elements in black pepper which prevents the formation of fat in the body. (Also read: How to motivate yourself to lose weight)

Let’s know how pepper is helpful in reducing weight.

Prevents fat cells from being formed

The chemical papyri found in black pepper prevents the production of fat cells. When you consume black pepper, fat cells present in your body cannot create new cells like and you do not get more fat.

Low-calorie intake

Calories in black pepper are equal to none. One teaspoon black pepper has 8 calories. You can use it instead of the high-calorie option for topping your food, which will not increase your weight and will also get a good flavour of food. (Also read: How to lose weight in twenty days: A step by step guide


Pepper has a rich amount of phytonutrients, due to which pepper helps digest food and better absorption of food. With this, you get all the nutrients, as well as help in breaking the phytonutrients fat cells.

Increases metabolism

Pepper is a thermogenic food that helps in increasing your metabolism. Increasing metabolism leads to quick weight loss. Also, better workout needs to be more of metabolism.


Black pepper has the appropriate amount of protein. Protein is an essential nutrient to lose weight. Consumption of it leads to less hunger and you avoid eating unnecessarily so that the weight stays controlled. (Also read: What habits you should change to lose weight)


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