Amazing workout to lose 10 pounds weight in 30 days

amazing workout to lose 10 pounds weight in 30 days

The fats in the body cause many health related problems and it also brings down your personality. Many people work hard to lose weight and shed extra kilos on the body. They spend hours gym to lose weight. But in the absence of proper information, many people fail to achieve the fitness goal. Yes, exercise is necessary to lose weight but the most important thing is the execution of exercise to reap desired results at the earliest. There are several workouts which helps you to lose weight effectively. Moreover, you can lose 10 pounds in 30 days. (Also read: What are the exercises to pump body instantly)

Here is workout routine which helps you to lose 10 pounds 30 days.

Leg-Slimming Exercise: Arabesque

The super leg slimmers target quads, hamstrings, hips, butt and calves. Moreover, this exercise also works on abs, biceps and shoulder. To practice this exercise, lunge with left leg while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Following this, make your left leg straight as you lift your right leg to come up to standing. After this tilt torso forward and raise straight left arm diagonally forward. Lower arms and legs, then repeat lifts. Do 10 reps for better results.

Leg-Slimming Exercise: Salute

To practice this exercise, lunge forward with left leg while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Now bend the left arm to bring elbow forward at nose level. Now hold upper arm steady throughout, raise left diagonally to straighten the arm. Following this, bend arm and knees to return to start. For better results do 10 reps. (Also read: How can you load more weight during bench press exercise)

Alternating Abs

To practice this exercise, get in the crunch position and put your feet in the air. After straightening left leg directly over hip while keeping knee bent. Following this, lift hips to pulse legs up while engaging abs. Keeping crunch then lower to complete 1 rep. Practice 15 reps for better results

Butt-Toning Exercise: Sumo Twist

These exercises target butt muscles, hips muscles, quads. Moreover, it also tones obliques and hamstrings. To practice, this exercise, stand with while legs opened more than shoulder-width apart. After this squat, then immediately come back to start position. Practice 15 reps for better results.

Upper-Body Exercise: Double Cross

These upper-body exercises target abs muscles, obliques, back, shoulders muscles as well as arms. To practice, this exercise comes into the position of a push-up, place feet wide to start. After this lift right leg crosses it over left leg and tap right toes on the floor. Return to start. After this, lift left leg, cross it over right leg and tap left toes. For better results.

Upper-Body Exercise: Plank Twist

To practice this exercise, get in the position of a push-up, lift right arm straight up while twisting torso to open to side but keeping feet in place. Return to start, switch arms, and repeat to complete 1 rep. For better result practice 8 reps. (Also read: What mistakes you should never commit while practicing bench press)

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