Weight loss: What are the side effects of weight loss

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Side effects of weight loss.

There are many side effects of weight loss.

Weight loss brings a lot of changes in the body. It delivers numerous health benefits and keeps many health-issues like obesity, heart diseases, as well as diabetes at bay. Moreover, the fewer amount of fats in the body make you look fit and healthy. Apart from this people are very concerned about extra weight on the body. The people work hard to lose extra weight from the body. They practice exercise, follow diet plans and more to lose extra fats. Despite the fact that weight loss provide ample of health benefits but it also has a dark side. There are some side effects of weight loss and people are totally unaware of these side effects. (Also read: Weight gain: How to gain weight if you are underweight)

Let’s know side effects of weight loss:

  • You may develop a sagging skin
  • May affect hair health
  • May cause constipation
  • You may have a trouble sleeping
  • May also affect your skin health
  1. You may develop a sagging skin
    One of the most common side effects of weight loss is sagging or loose skin. This generally occurs because the skin is not able to shrink as quickly as body lose weight. To prevent skin lagging, adopt a slow and steady method for weight loss. (Also read: Weight gain supplements: How to gain healthy weight with supplements)
  2. May affect hair health

    Side effects of weight loss.
    Weight loss may affect the health of hair.

    Many of weight loss diet restricts the consumption of calories. The restriction of calories may deprive the body of essential nutrients. The deficiencies of nutrients may cause dull and weak hair. To prevent this, make sure you consume enough protein during weight loss diet process.

  3. May cause constipation

    Side effects of weight loss.
    Weight loss process may cause constipation.

    The problem of constipation occurs due to changes in the diet during weight loss process. To keep the problem of constipation at bay always consume fibre-rich foods like whole grains and salads.

  4. You may have a trouble sleeping
    The changes in diet during weight loss also affects your sleep. To get good sleep, consume carbohydrates along with protein, which increases the level of tryptophan.
  5. May also affect your skin health
    Following diet plan helps you in weight loss but also impact your skin health. Poor nourishment may lead to skin problems, fine line and acne. To prevent skin damages, consume food rich in antioxidants. (Also read: Which medicines are beneficial for healthy weight gain)

Despite weight loss helps you to lose weight and provide numerous health benefits. Unfortunately, the weight loss process also has the dark side. In the case of any serious problem always consult a doctor. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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