What are the reasons behind upper abdomen weight gain

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what are the reasons behind upper abdomen weight gain

The fat accumulated in the abdomen area of the stomach can lead to many health related problems. It is very important to keep it in check. Abdominal fat or obesity means visceral fat in the abdominal region. It leads to an increased waist size. Visceral fat means the fat that is there between the abdominal walls and your internal organs. Various factors can lead to the growth of this fat. The most common factors are unhealthy diet routine, lack of physical activities, stress and even genetic condition. (Also read: Foods Thin Women Should Eat Every Day To Stay Healthy)

Let’s discuss all these factors in details: 

Lack of exercise
Due to lack of exercise, our body becomes lethargic and inactive. It affects the energy level of the body. It is one of the reasons for the increase in abdominal fat. Not exercising leads to low physical activities that increase belly fat. The fat starts depositing in layers. (Also read: Five bedtime snacks to build muscles)

Unhealthy diet routine
The biggest reason for unhealthy weight gain is unhealthy life. Today everybody finds it easy to become dependent on fast food or junk food. These food items contain bad fats and carbohydrates. This leads to increase in fat in upper abdomen fat. Refined food, white bread, pizzas and other food items are hard to digest. These food items contain high calories which are the main reason for obesity.

Stress and anxiety
The major reason for obesity is stress. Stress leads to the secretion of the cortisol. Cortisol forces the liver to secrete excess sugar. This sugar is not healthy for the body as it makes the body feel hungrier. That is why the person consumes more food. All this leads to unhealthy fat deposits.

Health issues
Sometimes abdomen fat is a result of some health complications. Diseases like cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalance, or digestive tracts lead to weight gain. Sometimes medicines or drugs for some diseases can cause abdominal weight gain.

All these factors can lead to unhealthy weight gain. (Also read: How to avoid gaining weight while sitting on a desk for a long time)

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