What are the morning habits that let you gain weight

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What are the morning habits that let you gain weight

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Waking up early in the morning has immense benefits. Sleeping for long hours and adopting unhealthy exercises lead to weight gain. Unknowingly we indulge ourselves in such practices which lead to weight gain. Before it’s too late, we must change such habits in order to stay fit and healthy. We all desire to lose weight and plan a lot in order to shed those extra kilos from the body. But some of our daily habits do not let us lose weight efficiently. The way we start our day, suggests a lot about how it will go further. So start your day in a healthy manner and lose your weight faster. (Also read: What are the food items that induce healthy weight gain)

What are the morning habits that do not let you lose weight?

Oversleeping: All of us want to sleep for those 5 extra minutes. It is that we lose eight while we sleep, as we are not in taking any calories. But oversleeping too is the cause of weight gain. According to a study, the ideal sleeping duration must be between 7-9 hours not beyond that. So time your sleeping hours and get into a proper shape.

Not making your bed: Those who prepare their bed and clean it are probably the ones who practice healthy living. Arranging your bed in the morning is a good habit and helps you to sleep better at night. According to a survey by National Sleep Foundation, those who make their beds have low BMI than the ones who do not. Thus, ensure you make your bed properly as soon as you get up and burn the calories. (Also read: Seven Surprising Causes Of Weight Gain)

Not measuring your weight: We all need a little push in our life to do certain things. Measuring weight every morning is one step to lose weight. Until you track your current weight, how can you start losing it? Thus, it is necessary that you should scale yourself every morning and give a push to yourself to lose weight. This will surely encourage you to lose weight.

Not having sufficient sunlight: Sunlight is extremely necessary for the body. According to the study done by PLOS One, if you don’t take any sunlight in the morning, your body tends to gain weight. Thus, the survey revealed that those who allow the intake of some sunlight in their body have low BMI in comparison to those who spend time in the dark and shady rooms.

Breakfast matters a lot: It is also believed that people who eat a balanced breakfast containing proteins, carbohydrates, little sweet(600 calories in total), have less craving to eat more throughout the day. Some people switch to low carb breakfast which eventually makes them hungry in a short while and thus leads to weight gain. Suppressing the hunger hormone ghrelin is much better than taking low carbs.

Thus, it is mandatory to mind your morning habits in order to lose weight faster and in an efficient manner. (Also read: Find out why some exercises lead to weight gain)

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