What Are The Major Reasons Of Weight Gain After Surgery

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What Are The Major Reasons Of Weight Gain After Surgery

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We have often seen that people who had surgeries are prone to gain weight faster than others. Many of us think that this is the effect of medicines, while others think it must be a reason of resting. But these are many major reasons present which actually make a person become fat after the surgery. One of the biggest examples of post surgery weight gain is when you see a woman gaining weight after pregnancy. There might be some cases where people do not gain weight after a complicated surgery, but the majority would be in favour of gaining weight truly. Hence, let us have a look at those major reasons which make a person gain weight after a surgery.

Water retention:
After surgery, many bodies retain water and other fluids too much. So, this triggers in weight gain. The interstitial space in your body mostly fills with fluid during water retention. This actually leads to post-surgery weight gain and a surgery bloated look. Because of the surgery, most of the people get swelling in the arms and feet. That also leads to a bulky appearance.

If someone is having stress that triggers in hormonal imbalances in the body. This is again responsible for excessive fluid retention. When there is a stress of surgery, it automatically highers the level of antidiuretic hormone or ADH. This anti-diuretic hormone makes the kidneys conserve the body’s water. Hence, this again leads to weight gain somehow. Moreover, the patient has to consume a mix of drugs which are raging through their systems to deal with post-surgery complications. Eventually, the fluid shifts happen by these intravenous drugs which also cause water retention.

When someone goes through surgery, the body tissues undergo a lot of traumas. You might not know but this causes inflammation. This inflammation again leads to water retention. When it comes to a surgery due to the accident, the chances of fluid retention appears. Hence, the surgeries are less likely to cause weight gain because lesser trauma is inflicted on the body.

It is natural that after surgery patients usually take rests for few days to dry up the surgical area. Some of them have to stay on bed rest for a couple of months. So, this automatically leads to weight gain. Minimal or no work outs can make the body gain too much of weight. Although doctors suggest patients to do some free hand exercises it becomes difficult for some people to do that is why the weight gain happens rapidly while resting after a surgery.

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