What are the main causes of belly fat gain

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What are the main causes of belly fat gain

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Most often people crib and complain about their belly fat. They try all sorts of remedies and diet options to lose the belly fat. However, before you start the routine of losing the belly fat it is important to understand the causes of the same. There are many reasons that can lead to weight gain around the belly area. If you keep ignoring the causes, it won’t be possible for you to lose the belly fat easily. The belly fat can be really stubborn to get rid off, so it is better to avoid the root of the problem. Let’s find out the causes of the belly fat gain. (Also read: What are the reasons behind upper abdomen weight gain)

Trans Fats
Trans fats are the worst kind of fats one can consume. The hydrogen is added to unsaturated fats to extend the shelf life of the packed products. This leads to unhealthy weight gain, especially in case of belly fat.

Sugary beverages
According to a research, it is pretty obvious that there is a strong link between belly fat gain and high sugar intake. The main reason behind it that added sugar has high fructose content. So, when you have regularly add the sugary beverage to your diet it leads to accumulation of belly fat. (Also read: Foods Thin Women Should Eat Every Day To Stay Healthy)

Low-protein diets
Maintaining a good amount of protein in your diet is important to live a healthy life. The low protein diet leads to increase in the secretion of hunger hormone ‘Neuropeptide Y’. Moreover, people who maintain a healthy amount of protein in their diet have a better metabolic rate, but it is opposite in case of low protein diet.

Most women face the problem of accumulation of belly fat during the period of menopause. This happens as the estrogen hormone declines in the body. So, the visceral fat starts building up in the abdomen region of the body.

The term ‘beer belly’ is pretty self-explanatory. The beer contains calories similar to the surgery beverage. It halts your fat burning process as well, as the body tries to break down the alcohol first. Therefore, this delays the fat burning in the body.  (Also read: How to avoid gaining weight while sitting on a desk for a long time)

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