What are the causes of weight gain

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What are the causes of weight gain

Weight gain is a complex issue. There are no fixed reasons why our body is prone to gain weight. People usually rely upon the myth that eating more causes weight gain but this is not the sole reason for the same.

Listed below are some of the reasons why the human body is prone to gain weight:

More calories than required: The fat stored in the body is used up in the form of burning calories. It’s an old school notion that if we take in more and use fewer calories it will ultimately result in weight gain.

Menopause: Usually women tend to gain weight while they reach the stage of menopause. It is scientifically proven that a lot of hormonal changes take place in her body which tend to increase the body weight.

During menstrual cycle: A slight gain in weight is visible in every woman during their menstrual period. It is due to water and it gets back to normal after the cycle is over.

Reaching old age: Usually, while ageing weight gain is common among people. It is due to less of physical work and inappropriate eating habits. During an old age, the metabolism of the body reduces causing fewer calories burn which tends to store more fat in the body.

No physical activity: If we don’t involve ourselves in any kind of physical activity and keep sitting at a particular place for a longer period of time, we would only accumulate calories and fats inside us and will gift our body a significant amount of weight.

Excessive alcohol: Drinking alcohol in a heavy manner leads to weight gain. Beer, whisky and other cocktails are rich in calories which result in gaining weight.

Medical treatments: There are certain types of drugs which increase our weight. Treatment of a migraine makes the body bulkier than before. Drugs like corticosteroids, cyproheptadine, lithium, tranquillizers, phenothiazines, some antidepressants result in weight gain.

Stress and anxiety: People tend to gain weight while they are struggling emotionally. Often stress hormones lead to weight gain. An unhealthy lifestyle and emotional breakdown make us lethargic and make us prone to gain fat in the body.

PCOS in women: The hormonal imbalance in women (Polycystic ovary syndrome) results in a considerable amount of weight gain in the body due to excessive water retention.

Besides the above-mentioned causes, heart and lung diseases also tend to make the body more vulnerable towards gaining weight. The reasons to gain weight are many but we should always keep a check on what we intake and how much quantity. The burning off calories plays a vital role in managing the body weight. One should follow a healthy routine and undertake physical exercises in order to cut down extra kilos. Weight gain is such a social evil that makes us fall into depression and lose confidence. It diminishes one’s morale and makes him an easy target of the tantrums of the people in the society.

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