Weight gain: How to gain weight if you are underweight

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Appropriate way to gain weight

Weight Gain: People with underweight need to take special care while eating food for gaining weight.

Underweight is a problem for many people as it makes your appearance skinny and unhealthy. Apart from the appearance, the underweight also causes many health-related problems. In this regard, people work hard to gain weight. Unfortunately, gaining weight is a difficult task than losing weight especially for those, who are underweight. To gain weight, people consume more calories and fat as well as practice exercises. Apart from this, people also follow many types of diet plans so that they can gain weight in healthy way and muscles at the earliest. Many people try to gain weight, but they fail due to lack of knowledge. It is important to know the appropriate way of gaining weight as soon as possible. (Also read: Weight gain supplements: How to gain healthy weight with supplements)

The appropriate ways to gain weight if you are underweight:

  • Consume healthy snacks after the short interval
  • Consume 250 to 500 calories daily
  • Eat high-protein foods
  • Eat more carbs and fibre
  • Avoid consumption of caffeinated drinks
  1. Consume small snacks after the short interval
    The underweight people have less energy and their stomach fills quickly. In this regard, you can consume healthy snacks after every short interval throughout the day. This will deliver sufficient nutrients to the body and help you to gain weight.
  2. Consume 250 to 500 calories daily
    Those who are underweight should consume 250 to 500 calories daily. This will accumulate calories and fat in your body, which will help you to gain weight. To know about high-calorie food for weight gain click here. 
  3. Consume high-protein food items

    How to gain weight if you are underweight.

    Weight Gain: Consume protein-rich foods for weight gain.

    Along with cheese, grains, you can consume many other foods that contain adequate protein. It helps your body to gain weight. Apart from this, it also helps you get lean muscles.

  4. Consume more carbs and fibre
    Carbs rich foods are also a better option for you because the body breaks down carbs into glucose, which provides energy. Along with this, you should also eat foods containing fibre as it keeps your stomach full for longer time.
  5. Avoid consuming caffeinated drinks
    Caffeine regulates your appetite and when you are trying to gain weight it can be an obstacle for you. Instead, you can consume the beverage containing calories and fat. (Also read: How to gain weight – Tips to increase body weight easily and quickly)

Underweight people are more prone to the health-related problem. If you are also underweight then you should be aware of the right way to load healthy weight on the body. You can also read this article in Hind.

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