Ways to gain weight in 3 simple steps

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Ways to gain weight in 3 simple steps

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Gaining weight is not as simple as it sounds, relying on unhealthy ways like eating junk food, taking steroids will only add more to your cause of worrying. We will take you on a healthy journey of gaining weight in just two simple steps.

Step 1: Weight gain diet

Surely eating more is the simplest way to gain weight but keeping a check on what you eat is a necessity.

Take enough of proteins: Proteins are the healthiest mineral that should be included in the diet to gain weight. It increases the metabolism of our body and gives us energy. Plan your diet in such a way that includes a heavy amount of protein in it. Switch to more of eggs, milk, chicken, fish etc.

Say yes to carbs: Since your diet plan is all about gaining weight, carbs are the safest option to rely upon. A portion of your diet should include carbs too. They are high in calories and provide nutrients to our body. Try to intake carbs from natural sources like fruits, vegetables, rice, whole weight etc. Don’t switch to preservatives and sugary drinks and products. They have an adverse effect on our health.

Fats are essential: Healthy fats are a prerequisite in a good diet plan. Calories are the outcome of fatty food product that we intake. The rich sources of fats are eating fish, cooking food in olive oil and taking a handful of nuts every day religiously.

2. Step 2: More of calories

Calories are just like a network to gain weight. If you have a strong network it will help you and lose the strings will disrupt up your connection. All the food we intake contains proteins, vitamins, fats, carbs and so on. The ultimate goal to gain weight is to increase your calorie count and intake per day.

Calories are the regulator of the amount of energy our body needs to perform day to day activity. If we don’t eat enough, our body will utilise the existing fat to burn and convert into energy leading to weight loss. On the other hand, eating more will accelerate the pace of weight gain and more fat will be accumulated in the body. The main mantra for weight gain is to eat more and more of healthy food and boost up the calories in the body.

3. Step 3: Follow a good workout regime

It’s a myth that hitting a gym can only lose weight or build up muscles. Weight gainers are also welcomed in the gym for there is another kind of exercises for them. While gaining weight one should aim at gaining muscles not fat. Fats make us lethargic and ultimately results in obesity. Take advice from your gym instructor and follow a right workout that will help you to fetch a good physique.

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