Water retention : Common causes of gaining the water weight

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Causes of gaining the water weight

Common causes of gaining the water weight

There are many people who are worried about their weight gain. There are many reasons for the weight such as unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise etc. However, even with all these factors weight gain occurs over a certain time. Even then people notice that they have gained weight overnight or in a few days. This weight is actually the water weight and it is caused by the water retention in the body. There are many possible reasons for the increase in water weight and it is important to avoid these reasons to avoid gaining the weight itself. So, let’s find out about the reasons. (Also read: What are the effective ways to lose water weight from the body)

Causes of excess water weight

  • Consuming excessive sodium
  • Intake of certain medicines
  • Sugar intake
  • Bad circulation of blood
  • Hormonal changes

Consuming excessive sodium

what are the causes of water weight
Causes of water weight: Too much sodium consumption

When you have too much salty food or the food on a fairly regular basis then you need to know that it leads to the accumulation of sodium. It leads to an increase in the amount of sodium in the bloodstream. This makes the body hold the fluids instead of removing them leading to water weight. (Also read: How the consumption of sugar increases your weight)

Intake of certain medicines
The consumption of certain medicines can lead to weight gain. If you have gained weight when you are consuming certain medicine then it is important to let your doctor know about it. (Also read: Which mistake related to eating yoghurt can increase your weight)

Sugar intake
When you have consumed a meal that is full of sweets and starch then it leads to a rise in blood sugar level. The rise in blood sugar level leads to a rise in insulin level. This leads to water retention in the body. (Also read: Which inflammatory foods cause weight gain)

Bad circulation of blood
Poor blood circulation can lead to a gain in water weight. Basically, the valves of our leg veins help in blood flowing towards the heart. Due to a bad blood circulation, the blood pools in found in lower extremities. This causes fluid retention.

Hormonal changes
When there is hormonal disbalance in the body. It leads to water retention and leads to water weight gain.

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