Tips to maintain weight gain

Tips to maintain weight gain

Unlike losing weight, gaining it is not an easy deal. Increasing the amount of food you consume is the basic step. But the weight you put on by having unhealthy junk food can adversely affect our health. What is the point in gaining weight if you are not fit enough?

Underweight or skinny people wish to gain weight. But, before going for the steps they have to make sure that they are doing the right way in order to avoid the risk of inviting deadly diseases.

Consuming a balanced diet is a must for those who want to gain pounds as that it helps to build muscle mass and subcutaneous fat. They would have to avoid foods that increase the belly fats. Apart from diet, lifestyle also determines your overall health.

These simple ways which would help you gain weight:

Consume More Than You Burn: Eat more than what your body actually needs. If you consume more calories than what your body burns, then it would result in increasing your body weight eventually. Take the help of mobile applications like Calorie Counter if you want. Use 300 to 600 calories more than you what your body would burn.

Increase Protein Intake: Similarly, you have to increase the protein consumption as well since it is the most important nutrient required for muscle building. If your protein intake is combined with appropriate physical exercise, it would help in converting the protein into muscle mass.  Use foods like milk, nuts, eggs, fish, meat and cereals are a good bet.

Three Meals A Day: There has to be a constant supply of nutrients to our body if we are on a mission to gain weight. Carbohydrates and fat should be a must in your menu during this period. Eat your meals at least three times a day which should ideally contain proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fats. Because such diet can ensure that you increase your weight and maintain it in the long run.

High-Energy Foods: There are few high energy foods available in markets which contain all the nutrients that your body needs to increase your weight. Some such foods are nuts, dry fruit, high-fat dairy products, meat, tubers, chocolate, grains, and fats. To convert all that energy which consumed into muscles you have to go for an exercise.

For this purpose, hit the gym at least thrice a week and increase your weight lifting capacity. Ideally, people with specific medical conditions are advised to consult their physician before performing heavy workouts. Workout at the gym would not only help to build mass, but also helps in maintaining a healthy physique.

Proper Sleep: A good quality sleep is very crucial in gaining and maintaining the weight and overall health as the muscles grow and develop during sleep. Lack of proper sleep may prompt you to overeat and end up being obese. A moderate sleep is a real way. Ideally, adults should sleep at least seven hours to provide the body and mind sufficient rest.

Quit smoking: No doubt smoking is injurious to health. Besides causing deadly diseases, smoking also causes weight-loss. Smokers have fewer appetite levels and it prevents healthy eating habits. Quitting smoking can drastically improve appetite and promote healthy eating habits.

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