Things to keep in mind while planning for weight gain

Things to keep in mind, while planning weight gain

Gaining weight is not as simple as it sounds. A detailed inspection of what we eat and how we eat determines the amount of weight we will gain. A well-nourished diet rich in proteins, carbs, and fats is necessary to increase the calories in the body. Here are certain tips you should keep in mind while you wish to gain weight and maintain good muscles.

Listed below are some point you should keep in mind if you struggle to gain weight:

1. Calories intake should be maximum and more than usual:
A number of calories in our body burns to provide us energy. Fat stored in our body in form of calories burns out and it is a major reason why we lose weight. One can also consult a dietitian about a number of calories one should intake because it differs from one individual to other. Refer a calorie counter to keep a watch on how much calories have you accumulated in a day. (Also read: How to gain weight easily and quickly)

2. Don’t just eat but in the right way:
When we aim to gain weight healthily and for that, a right approach is required. Keep a watch on what you eat and try to minimise the sugar intake as it can lead you to gain maximum wait. Eating right and eating healthy should be your only diet mantra! (Also read: How to avoid weight gain due to hormonal changes)

3. Eat more of proteins:
Including proteins more in the diet is a basic concept of gaining weight. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. Proteins help in making the muscles stronger hence we should include it in our regular diet in an effective amount.

4. Eat after a gap of 2-3 hours:
It is necessary that we keep eating after every few hours. This will ultimately lead to the accumulation of calories in the body. It is necessary that our body doesn’t use up the already stored fat for performing the functions. So treat your taste buds after every few hours!

5. Eat carbs and fats:
An extensive amount of carbs and fats are necessary to gain weight the right way. Your daily diet should comprise of approximately 30 percent proteins, 40 perfect fats, and 30 percent carbs to pace up the process of gaining weight.

6. Avoid excessive cardio exercise:
There are different exercises based on the requirement of the body. In order to gain weight, you need more of weight lifting exercises than to do cardio. Cardio is done for the warm up session and let the calories get burned at the maximum rate. Do it but at a minimised level.

7. Refill your stomach post workout:
We shed a lot of calories after we are done with our workout. If you are aiming to gain weight, refuel your empty stomach. Go healthy and eat proteins, carbs in an adequate quantity.

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