Seven Surprising Causes Of Weight Gain

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Surprising Causes Of Weight Gain

Gaining weight is not always a problem indicator but at times it also signals a poor health. The sudden weight gain might be not good for your health. So it is very important to take precautionary measure if you gain an extra pound, it may be the sign of health issues.

You should pay attention towards the below mention weird weight gain factors:

If the thyroid fails to produce sufficient amount of thyroid hormone, you may gain weight. Moreover, swelling in the neck, fatigue and irregular body temperature are the main symptoms that indicate your thyroid gland is not producing enough hormone. In this case, consult a doctor for the diagnosis.

Consumption of birth control pills
It is believed that the consumption of birth control pill also causes weight gain. In this case, consult your doctor for a prescription that reduces weight gain.

Not Getting Enough Nutrients
Eating healthy food is necessary for weight maintenance. But if you are not consuming healthy fats your body will not reap the benefits and cause unintentional weight gain. In this case, opt for food which is rich in healthy fats.

Work Schedule Has Shifted
Not getting enough sleep due to change in schedule can also lead to weight gain. If you are not getting adequate sleep, it can interfere with your hormones which can escalate cravings and overeating.

Electrolytes are Imbalanced
If you are not drinking adequate fluids or are eating too many salty foods, which may cause water retention, bloating, and weight gain.

Might Have A Tumour
If you gain weight around your belly, it may be dangerous for your health. It is believed that sometimes extended stomach can be the result of a tumour.

Joint Pain
Some joint pains like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and knee can cause weight gain. Such conditions can lead to injury and future joint complications if not treated properly at earliest.

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