What Are The Reasons Why People Gain Weight After Turning Vegetarian

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What Are The Reasons Why People Gain Weight After Turning Vegetarian

Welcome to your new lifestyle, which is meat-free. We must appreciate your effort which you made to embrace vegetarian foods. After a quiet while, you may have noticed that you are gaining weight. Although you are out of many health issues now like the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Still, you may be worried about your weight gain, it is natural. Hence, we have come up with the reasons, why this is happening to you. Have a look at the following and check yourself and avoid doing these mistakes. We promise you will get back your previous weight. (Also Read: How Can You Stop Bad Breathing When You Do Not Have A Toothbrush)

You forget to include protein:
Protein helps you to fill your stomach for a longer time. Previously you used to eat eggs, chicken and meat. But now somehow you forget to compensate your protein content with vegetarian foods. That is why you feel hungry quite often and it makes you eat repeatedly which leads to weight gain. You should add some spinach, greek yoghurt, dairy products etc. as your protein content.

All meat-free diet are not healthy:
What Are The Reasons Why People Gain Weight After Turning Vegetarian

You may think that you left meat that means you are totally on a healthy diet. This is not entirely right. You eat potato fries, chips, cookies, candy and soda and think that these are good because these are veg food. Let us clear you that, the calories you used gain while having meat, you are consuming more calories now by eating these vegetarian junks. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Wearing Crocs)

You emphasise on seeds, nuts, pulses and veg oil:
It is good that you are eating these foods now as these foods are packed with various nutrients. But, consuming them excessively will backfire you. Nuts, seeds, vegetable oil are the trunk of calories. These are good if you consider them as a handful of snacks. But adding them to your meals will not serve your purpose to maintain a good weight.

Packaged “vegetarian” foods are not always low-calorie:
Do you eat canned veggies more which are labelled as ‘Vegetarian’? They are not healthy by the way. Frozen meals like macaroni and cheese, burritos and pizzas are filled with a lot of calories. But you think that these are good as they are vegetarian. You are gaining more weight because of this canned or packaged food.

You eat excessive processed and starchy carbs:
If your plate does not have meat, that means you feel like to add more vegetarian foods. You are more prone to eat pasta, potatoes and other grains that add up quickly in calories. So, now your ideation may be clear that why are you gaining weight. (Also Read: What Are The High Protein Snacks Which Keep You Full For A longer Time)

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