Weight Gain

How to gain weight through Ayurvedic ways

How to gain weight through ayurvedic ways

Ayurvedic medications are the best ways to gain weight naturally without any side effects when taken considerably. Also, some changes in lifestyle and a balanced diet can help you to tackle this situation.

Things to keep in mind, while planning weight gain

Things to keep in mind while planning for weight gain

Gaining weight is not an easy task, there are many factors that one should keep in mind. One must be aware of the difference between gaining weight and becoming obese. Eating right and well-nourished diet is the healthy choice to gain weight.

How bad sleep can make you to gain weight

How bad sleep can lead to gain weight

Weight gain happens while you miss sleeping because of the balance of Grehlin hormones which gets affected leading to an overstimulation. These hormones produced during our sleep are necessary for the internal functioning of the body.

How does stress lead to weight gain

How does stress lead to weight gain

Stress or a depressed state of mind makes a man lose his calm. One often gets involved in such bad habits that ultimately results in weight gain. State of stress does not only lead to weight gain but causes much harm mentally and physically as well.

Tips to maintain weight gain

Tips to maintain weight gain

Gaining weight is not an easy deal. Consuming a balanced diet is a must for those who want to gain pounds. Hit the gym at least thrice a week and increase your weight lifting capacity.

Things To Keep In Mind While Gaining Muscles

Things To Keep In Mind While Gaining Muscles

Being skinny sometimes affects your personality. If you are working hard to get your muscles boosted, you also need to keep in your mind that there are few important aspects for gaining weight as well.