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emotions lead weight gain

How emotions Lead to Weight Gain

The emotion drives the hormone in the body. The stomach is influenced by series of the hormone, which moves through brain and body constantly. As our body reflects our emotional state- our blood pressure go high and heartbeat goes up when we are afraid. Similarly, hormones are driven by emotions that cause weight loss or weight gain.

What Are The Major Causes Of Vaginal Discharge

What Are The Major Causes Of Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is common to experience among women till the time it does not show any abnormalities. Thus, you must know the reasons behind the abnormal discharge from your vagina and opt for necessary remedies.

night habits that increase your weight

Nighttime habits that make you gain weight

If you do not lose weight even after trying hard, then your night habits may be the reasons behind this. Due to the absence of calories and energy in the body, you are getting fat.

Weight gain tips for man

Weight gain tips for man: how to gain weight fast naturally

Weight gain tips for men : Some men can not increase their weight even after eating a lot, but keeping in mind few things, men can also increase their weight fast and in a natural way. By adopting few good methods, the body can get required nutrition on time.

What are the morning habits that let you gain weight

What are the morning habits that let you gain weight

There are certain morning habits that most of us have, which lead to weight gain. These habits have grabbed us so tightly that we have become ignorant of dealing with them. On the other hand, half of the people are unaware about these habits that lead to weight gain.