How To Avoid Gaining Weight During Winters

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How To Avoid Gaining Weight During Winters

We generally gain weight during winter rather than summer. This is the time when we do not feel like going out from the blanket and miss all the precious time to go for workouts. Moreover, having bed snacks by wearing a cosy blanket makes our body to store a lot of fat and junks which eventually leads to weight gain. But, who genuinely want to avoid gaining weight need to take care of few things which can help in preventing fat storage. A little endeavour can help you to work less during summers too as your winter weight gain will be prevented. Hence, let’s have a look:(Also Read: What Are The Key Rules To Lose Weight During Winters)

No more alcohol:
It is quite provoking to have house parties during winter weekends. You can also do it, but remember alcohol intake can backfire you this time. Alcohol contains a lot of calories. It can add quite a huge amount of calorie to your body without even bothering you. Hence, you can apply a simple trick whenever you face such time. You can drink a glass of water before and after each alcoholic beverage. You can drink diet soda too. By doing this, you can dilute calories. But still, the amount of alcohol should be less than your usual intake.

Scheduling regular exercises:
We know that asking for exercise during winters is quite tough for everyone. But, if you gather a little bit courage and schedule a particular time for your workout, you are a real champ. The way you regularly go and take bath before going to the office, You should make a routine for exercises too. Going for cardio during winters can be great as it makes your body feel hot within few minutes. Even you can avoid outdoor exercises. Home cardio is preferable too. (Also Read: What Are The Major Reasons Of Weight Gain After Surgery)

Practise calorie damaging tricks:
So, if winter does not let you go for workouts and get you out of your bed, you have to apply some tricks to fight back against winter weight gain. You can go for walks after both the meals. Take out some time from your office lunch break and do freehand stuff. You can even learn some quick desk exercises which can help you to stay flexible and warm. Try avoiding elevators and use stairs. Moreover, you must avoid munching on various types of snacks. These amazing things can help you to avoid gaining weight during winters.

The right part foods:
It seems great to attend parties during winters. But when it comes to consuming party foods, you become crazy in choosing the right food. So, choose refined grains or simple carbohydrates instead of grabbing snack mix and high calories. Do not avoid the salad plate. You have to find out some alkaline based orange veggies and fruits from the palate of salads. Other than that, eat meat and roasted veggies first. Then go for the curries. But be careful with the desserts. Choose the low sweet and calories based pancakes. (Also Read: Things To Keep In Mind While Gaining Muscles)

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