Which inflammatory foods cause weight gain

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inflammatory foods cause weight gain

Not even a single person likes extra fats on the body as it makes your appearance weird. Not only it makes your appearance weird but also causes many health-related problems. Though weight loss is one of the toughest tasks, people adopt many techniques and methods to shed extra weight on the body. The main weight loss methods and techniques include dieting, exercises, supplements and many other. Out of these, exercise and dieting play an important role in weight gain and affects the overall health. (Also read: Foods to replace your supplements for weight gain)

The consumption of wrong food also causes accumulation of extra weight on the body. Fried foods, foods rich in oil, ghee and butter, cheesy foods, certain types of meat, sweets are some foods which must be totally avoided if you want to lose weight. Surprisingly, there are some foods which seem healthy but cause inflammation in the body. The inflammation release hormones in the body which are linked to weight gain.

Let’s know which inflammation food causes weight gain.

Dairy products
Dairy products such as milk, ghee and yoghurt are seemed to be very healthy but they cause inflammation in the body. The consumption of these foods causes inflammation in the body because they are rich protein and fat. The inflammation triggered by these food releases such hormones which are linked to weight gain and other digestive problems. (Also read: How to gain weight by following the vegetarian diet)

Artificial Sweeteners
The people who follow diet plan often opt for beverages and foods, which include artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are not healthy and cause many health problems. The consumption of these artificial sweeteners causes inflammation, which may lead to weight gain.

White bread
White bread is harmful to health as it contains a higher level of starch as compared to brown bread. The gluten content in white bread can cause inflammation in the body, which lead to weight gain.

Vegetable oil
The vegetable oil is commonly used in every household for cooking food. The vegetable oil contains unhealthy fatty acid chain which is hard to digest and cause inflammation in the body.

Fast food
The consumption of fast food like pizza burgers, fries can also cause inflammation in the body. These foods cause inflammation in the body as they are made up of preserved and processed ingredients. The inflammation caused by fast foods is linked to weight gain. (Also read: What Are The Best Protein Rich Food Items For Weight Gain)

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