How to avoid weight gain due to hormonal changes

How to avoid weight gain due to hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are one of the major reasons for weight gain. There are many weight gain hormones in our body that culminate storage of excessive fat. And it also multiplies calories in our body. There are many ways which can suppress the formation of weight gain hormones.

Let’s take a look at the ways to restrict the formation of weight gain hormones:

Sufficient amount of protein: Proteins are considered to be the real tummy fillers. They help us to feel satiated and gives away the desire of eating and snacking every time. There are plenty of food products those are a rich source of protein like meat, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, lentils etc. Try to include more of it in your diet.

Is your dairy a right one? : Artifical dairy products are not good for human beings, as they accelerate weight gain. Always talk to your milk vendor or read the instructions carefully. At least try to know whether it is an organic product or hormone free product.

Switch to high fibre and low sugar diet plan: We all know that fibres are necessary for the breakdown of food and helps in the proper digestion. Relying on sugary food increases the level of insulin. It leads to accumulation of fat in the body thus resulting in declination of calorie burn out and inclines towards weight gain process. Thus, it is best to stay away from sugary food products.

Avoid caffeine for some time: It might sound strange but there are certain benefits and shortcomings the caffeine causes. Caffeine regulates the stress hormones in our body. It also increases our desire to intake more sugary food and thus initiates weight gain. Replace your caffeine intake with some healthy drink like green tea or squeeze some lemon in warm water and drink it.

Avoid Soy food products: Soy is a natural supplier of protein to the body and is low in calorie. It contains chemicals like phytoestrogens which inhibit the use of estrogen in the body which escalates a big amount of Leptin hormones in the body. Leptin hormones are the ones that control our appetite. So when you are planning to lose weight, just rely less on soy products.

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