How to avoid gaining weight while sitting on a desk for a long time

How to avoid gaining weight while sitting on a desk for a long time

At workplaces, many people sit in a particular place for hours and they start gaining weight. So here are some easy and quick tips to help you out for not gaining unnecessary weight. In order to avoid the weight gain while working on a desk job, one should follow these below-mentioned tips.

These below-mentioned tips should be followed in order to avoid the weight gain while working on a desk job.

Always carry your lunch from home: Instead of consuming junk food during the lunch break one should bring lunch box or eat some healthy food.

Choose healthy eating options: One can’t avoid office parties and meetings. While you are in the corporate world, celebrations are the part of your job. Switch to healthy eating outlets. Cheese bursts and burgers are not the only options available in the market.

Healthy snacking: While it’s 4 O’clock and your mind craves for a tea break or snacks, go healthy. It is best advised to carry some snacks from home or keep it inside your drawer. It could a handful of nuts, healthy salad, some fruits etc.

Drink a lot of water: It is very necessary that our body remains hydrated even though we are in air conditioned offices. Water is very necessary for the body to carry out the functions inside it. A minimum of 8 glasses of water is necessary for a normal human body in a day.

Don’t get tempted: Candies, chocolates, cheese are all mere temptations, stay away from them. Be wise enough to respect your body and say no to them. Avoiding them can make you cut down a lot of calorie intake.

Be in motion: Walk after every 45 minutes. Take a small break and move from your stable position. It is very necessary for the circulation of blood throughout the body. Don’t be on break always. But move from your seat to avoid back pain and weight gain.

Take some physical exercise in your free time: Chit chatting is all that we love but why not to convert this into some physical activity. Take up some light exercise and perform it near your seat only. You can practice Yoga or some aerobics move to stretch your body and bring it back to normal functioning.

Avoid lifts and escalators: It is advisable that you use stairs while going up and down. Don’t be lazy and get into a lift or stand on escalators. Walking up to stairs is the healthiest thing we could do in our day without much effort.

Start hitting the gym: If nothing can be done to avoid the weight gain, start going to the gym before it’s too late. Don’t prolong this step and hit the gym as soon as possible as it becomes very tough to lose weight.

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