How the consumption of sugar increases your weight

how the consumption of sugar increases your weight

There are many reasons for unhealthy weight gain such as continuously sitting for a long time, not doing any activity, excessive consumption of sugar-containing foods, poor daily routine or bad eating habits. Due to increased weight, there is a risk of several health problems such as obesity, heart disease, stress etc. The food affects the body in different ways. Sugar may cause unhealthy weight gain as its consumption accumulates fat in your body. When you consume more sugar, many fructose present in sugar metabolize your liver and convert it into fats. Apart from this, fructose is not a natural part of metabolism and the human body does not produce it. (Also read: Which mistake related to eating yoghurt can increase your weight)

Let’s know how sugar consumption increases your weight.

Fructose causes insulin resistance
Consuming excessive amount of sugar increases the level of insulin in your blood, which reduces energy from your food items and converts it into fat cells. When the body fat increases, your body signals the brain for hunger.

Fructose causes the resistance of hormones called leptin
A hormone called as fructose leptin is a major cause for weight gain. Fat cells produce Leptin. The larger the fat cell, the more leptin will be produced. Because of this, excess fat is accumulated in the body and weight also increases. (Also read: Which inflammatory foods cause weight gain)

Fructose does not work like glucose
Glucose keeps your stomach full for a longer time, but the consumption of fructose does not make you feel like this. The fructose makes you feel more hungry and because of this, you consume more calories and fat.

Fructose enhances your appetite
Fructose does not help in controlling your hunger hormone, and due to this you still feel hungry after eating. In such case, you consume calories that increase your fat in the body, due to which your weight increases. (Also read: Foods to replace your supplements for weight gain)

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