How does stress lead to weight gain

How does stress lead to weight gain

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Stress is the biggest evil prevailing inside our mind and body. Weight gain is one of the most horrifying things that stress leads too. While we are in the state of stress, our body releases stress hormones (cortisol) which lead to an effective amount of weight gain.

As per studies, the obese people are more vulnerable to depression and stress. Stress also takes control over our body to such an extent that knowingly and unknowingly we consume things that we should not.

Stress is not that we should allow taking rest in our body for a longer period of time. It is such a disastrous state which could lead to many life threatening diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, depression and ultimately weight gain.

Let’s have a look at what role stress plays that results in weight gain.

Unwillingness for workouts: When we are stressed out, we usually try to find a corner for ourself and put us in a shady place. We don’t feel like indulging in any kind of physical workout or any healthy fitness routine. Sitting alone is all that our heart desires for. This ultimately leads to excessive weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle. (Also read: How to avoid weight gain due to hormonal changes)

Affects our metabolism: Our body is severely affected under the state of stress. The stress hormones (cortisol) lowers down the body metabolism, where we gain calories and don’t workout much enough to burn them away. This will also result only in gaining weight.

Can’t give up food cravings:
Stress has a unique tendency. We all are well aware of the things we should avoid to be in a perfect frame, but stress takes away that capability of ours to stick to them. Our hidden love for sweets, ice creams, cookies and all the world’s unhealthy and junk food takes birth. (Also read: How to avoid weight gain while working and sitting on a desk for a long time)

Increases sugar level in the body: Chronic state of stress for a longer period of time leads to increase the sugar level of the body. Increased sugar level leads us to the clutches of grave diseases like diabetes and heart strokes.

Leads to excessive fat: Weight gain and stress go hand in hand. Stress causes storing of a heavy amount of fat in our body which fails to burn in the form of calories. It generally acquires the area of belly fat which is much to the dislike of everyone. The abdomen is an area where maximum fat gets accumulated and cause that bulgy belly.

Too much eating: When we are stressed we are actually semi ‘out of our mind’ state. With a lot of happenings inside our mind, our mind craves to eat more and more of unhealthy food. That stressed mind always find stomach in a hungry state.

Adoption of unhealthy lifestyle: Stress often leads to the state of drowning oneself in the clutches of the unhealthy lifestyle. We switch to things that make us more lethargic and lazy, calling off our physical activities. Hitting the gym and undertake any physical exercise don’t count anywhere on our list and we find pleasure in sitting inactively.

No matter how intense may be the situation and tougher the time you are going through, healthy lifestyle is one thing that we all should follow. It is only our body that will support us till our last breath!

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