How to gain weight in a one month

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gain weight one month

Being overweight is a problem but being underweight is also an issue.  When you are underweight it can cause weakness and tiredness. Increasing weight means developing muscles without the additional amount of fat. So, if you want to increase the weight, keep in mind that the weight of the muscles should increase, rather than your obesity. (Also read: How To Avoid Gaining Weight During Winters)

In fact, you should adopt few tips to increase your weight, so that you can become a healthier person in just 1 month.

Let’s us know about effective tips for weight gain.

Increase the calorie

You should consume more calories to increase weight. But while consuming calories, keep in mind that you should not consume more calories than you need for the day, because it can cause obesity. A normal person should take 1200-1500 calories, which you can get from fruits, nuts, yoghurt, cheese.

Nutritious drink

To increase the weight, you should consume the nutritious drinks, which contains plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals. Also eat eggs, bread and butter, vegetables and fruits. You can also consume chicken and red meat with these foods. There are rich with plenty of proteins, fibres and mineral. (Also read: Breakfast-related mistakes that increase your weight)

Do not eat junk foods
gain weight one month
By eating junk foods your weight increase, but it only gives you extra fat. You should completely ignore junk foods to increase the weight in a healthy, so that bad fat and more sugar is not stored in the body.

gain weight one month
You should also practice exercise with consuming nutritious food and calories. By exercising, your muscles will be developed and nutrition will reach your body easily. This also helps to become muscular.

Eat more

If you want to increase the weight in a month, then eat nutritious food every 4 hours. This will also increase your metabolic rate, which will not lead fat storage in the body and the body will continue to receive nutrition. Try to eat more foods containing protein and minerals. (Also read: What are the exercises one should practice to gain weight at home)

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