Find out why some exercises lead to weight gain

Everyone wants to look healthy and fit. People work hard to lose or gain weight in order to look so. Interestingly, some exercises lead to weight gain instead of losing weight despite following them routinely.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why we usually gain weight with exercise:

There is a difference between gaining weight (fats) or gaining muscles. Muscles are bulkier and require less space as a result of which we might not see the declination in weight but a rapid fall in the inches of our body.

The other probable reason might be a lack of workout. We might be consuming more fats than our body requires and it ends up getting stored in the body which thus results in gaining weight even though we are following routine exercise.

The amount of water in our body also determines our body weight. While we exercise, our body retains water to be further used as a form of glycogen to supply energy to the body in the later part of the day. This might turn up in increasing the mass of the body. But definitely, it would show that you have lost enough inches.

Measuring weight on weighing scale is not the only option to look out for. You should take a proper guidance and advice from your instructor to ensure the actual measurements of your body.

Other potential reasons for gaining weight might be:

Taking excess of calories: Sometimes we take in more calories out of neglect thinking that they will get burn out while working out. Keep a watch over the same and maintain a list of a number of calories your body requires for the proper functioning and then consume it in a moderate way.

Gaining muscles quicker than losing body fat: This is a common tendency and also depends upon our genes. Our body might have a tendency of gaining muscles easily but losing fat might turn up a tough task. So consult your trainer and mend your workout sessions.
A medical condition may be the cause:
There are certain medical conditions, which initiates weight gain. The thyroid is one of them which increases the body weight and slows down the process of body metabolism. Age could be another possible reason, as the metabolism of our body changes as we reach towards an old age. Seek medical help immediately to resolve this issue.

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