Six Easy Foods To Gain Weight When Living In Hostel

Six Easy Foods To Gain Weight When Living In Hostel

Hostel life is really enthralling but, you get so much busy in studies and fun activities that you start to miss out on your meals and a healthy nutrition diet leading to weight loss. Well, stay calm! As we have the right solution for you to gain weight when living in a hostel!

Eat nuts

Consume raw nuts. You need not require to cook them, which is extremely lazy to do anyway. The nuts are packed with Vitamin E and are a rich source of healthy fats. The nuts have longer shelf life and you can easily carry them even in your pockets. During breakfast make it a habit to chew almonds, cashew and walnuts. You can even add nuts to cornflakes.

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Wheat bread

When you are too lazy to cook for yourself, the best option available is to keep a whole wheat grain bread. You can eat this in your mid meals to give you a full stomach and also essential nutrients. The whole wheat bread is also good for health and keeps the heart healthy.

Drink milk

Every mother’s lullaby is not wrong. Milk is essential for health as it is rich in calcium, proteins, and carbohydrates. However, if you really dislike the taste of milk you can add some flavours to give temptations to your taste buds. Besides nutrition, you can easily gain weight by drinking full-fat milk.


Another food product which is high in protein content and vitamin B 12 are eggs. This also does not require any rocket science to cook. Hence, you just need to boil it for few minutes and eat it. If you can eat a raw egg then this is the easiest option available to you which enables you to get nutrition and gain weight simultaneously.


Eating fruits is a healthy way to live life but if you are choosy about fruits then banana is the right choice for you. Bananas are a rich source of carbohydrates and when consumed early in the morning they can help you in keeping your stomach stuffed and leading to a weight gain.


Only rare species do not like butter! And if you are not among them, make a combo of bread-butter and relish it. Butter is itself rich in fats which can let you gain the weight you dropped. However, do not make it a habit of eating butter regularly as an excess of it can lead to heart problems.

Therefore, gaining weight is not as difficult as your presume. But if you are living in a hostel then weight gain with a nutritional balance is important. Try these foods mentioned above and the next time you go home, your mother won’t complain of your weakness!

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