Diet tips for girls to gain weight

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Diet tips for girls to gain weight

Gaining weight is an important part of being healthy. Only those who lack the adequate weight will understand how embarrassing it is to become underweight. And among girls, the situation is worse. Though gaining weight is not an easy deal, it needs a lot of efforts. Probably poor metabolism of our body halts us from putting on weight.

Consuming more foods is the way out. More means, more calories than your daily activities can burn. Don’t eat anything you feel. Here, we’ll help you to make a diet plan so that you can gain healthy weight rather than fat. This diet includes mainly three-time foods apart from the snacks in between. Though, one should keep on eating at regular intervals of at least three hours gap.

Include proteins in your diet

For girls consuming food which is rich with proteins the easiest way to gain healthy weight. Dairy products like beans and pulses would also work well. Similarly, milk is also rich in proteins and easily available source of protein.  Drink two to three glasses of milk in a day.


Include foods in the menu that contain healthy carbohydrates. Wheat bread, fresh fruits, brown rice, multi-grain bread, potatoes, dry fruits and fresh fruits such as banana and mango are some of such foods.

Fatty food

Fatty foods should be also included in your weight gain menu. Consume olive oil, sunflower oil, avocados and oily fish such as tuna and mackerel. Make sure that you include them in your diet in low proportions.

Limit alcohol

Yes, if you want to put on weight, you have to make sure that the amount of alcohol you consume is less. Keep a check on caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea which would add calories only to give you unhealthy weight.

Healthy food options:

There are certain food options you can include in your diet plan. Try to have steak, chicken, fruits, vegetables, assorted nuts and cheese which are beneficial for gaining weight for girls. Include whole grains, pasta and multi-grain bread in your daily diet.

Healthy snacking

Instead of eating junk foods, like casual snacking, switch to healthy snacking habits. A glass of milk, an apple and a handful of nuts could be a perfect snack which you can incorporate into your daily eating habits. Say goodbye to aerated drinks, packaged fruit drinks and smoothies.

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