How to gain weight by following the vegetarian diet

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What are the best vegetarian options for weight gain

Often people who are stick-thin, feel really bad about their weight. They feel that they are unable to carry certain looks and style. For thin people, it is actually challenging to gain weight. Gaining weight is not just about simply gaining more, it is also about gaining weight in the right and healthy way. For this, you must focus on eating well and eating frequently. It is important that your weight gain should make you healthy not unhealthy. For this, there are amazing vegetarian options as well. This way you can gain weight in a vegetarian way. Let’s find out more about it! (Also read: What are the main causes of belly fat gain)

Increase the intake of calories
Be very careful with your calories when your calorie intake. Increase it slowly and in right way. Don’t resort to junk food for this. If you are consuming 2000 calories every day than switch to 2200 calories.

Increase the amount of carbohydrates
When you want to lose weight you cut back on carbohydrates, then you have to cut back on the carbohydrates. However, when it comes to gaining weight you have to consume more carbohydrates. So, add rice, pasta and wheat bread to your diet. (Also read: What are the reasons behind upper abdomen weight gain)

Eat 6 times a day
To gain the weight it is important to eat right and often. So, make it a rule of thumb to have something to eat six times a day. You can have a protein smoothie or any healthy snack instead of having a heavy meal every time.

Have food rich in protein
When it comes to weight gain you have to think about muscle gain as well. That is possible with proteins only. So, add more protein to your by having more pulses and plant-based food items. The amino acid that helps to gain weight.

Have healthy fats in your diet
To gain weight in a healthy manner you need to include the omega-3 fatty acid in your diet. For this include chia seeds, flax seeds and walnut in your diet. (Also read: Foods Thin Women Should Eat Every Day To Stay Healthy)

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