Varun Dhawan’s Rigorous Workout Routine

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varun dhawans tremendous workout routine

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Varun Dhawan is one of the rising stars of Bollywood and is among the selected actors who are the first choice of movie makers. Because Varun Dhawan sweats a lot in the gym to transform his body as per the requirement of film. He practice cardio, weight training, yoga to attain a tremendous muscular body from an average personality. (Also read: How to get chiselled body like Sidharth Malhotra)

Let’s know which exercises Varun Dhawan practice during the workout.

Barbell curls

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Barbell curls are the most effective exercise to make biceps big and strong. It is a complete exercise to give strength and shape to biceps, this exercise also works on the forearms. To do this, hold a barbell with the width of the shoulders and keep the elbows on the waist. Now bring Barbell close to the chest.

Barbell curl with Bosu Ball

Balance work

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Barbell curl effects your biceps. As well as incorporating Bosu Ball in this exercise, its effect can be enhanced. Using Bosu ball, you have to work a lot to balance your feet. Simultaneously, balancing your hands and curls together get more challenges. (Also read:  How to get stunning body like Urvashi Rautela)

Superman Push-ups

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Push-ups are a great warm up, which strengthens the upper part of your body and also works on the lower body. But you can get better results by using Superman push-ups, in which your muscles will have to work harder. To do this, come in the position of push-ups, then bring your chest downwards. Now you push your body up with strength and when you are in the air, spread the hands towards the front. While coming back down again, adopt push-ups.

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Varun also practices other exercises to get a muscular body. He adds variation in the work out to get a muscular body at the earliest. The workout routine will force you to hit the gym. (Also read: Secret of Katrina Kaif’s fabulous abs)

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