Skin problems of runners: How runner can prevent skin problems

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How runners can prevent skin related problem.

Skin problems of runners: Tips for runners to prevent skin prevent skin problems

Skin problems are common in runners, especially who practice running outdoor. Running outdoor wreak havoc to your skin. There are many common symptoms of skin infections like lesions, blisters, or sores. These symptoms can affect your performance and hamper your workout routine. The influence in workout routine may decline your fitness levels. Moreover, the skin infections can be transmitted from one runner to another directly through skin-to-skin contact. The skin problems also transmitted through indirect contact by contaminated objects such as towels, mats, and equipment. In this regard, you must treat these problems at earliest or take precautionary measures to prevent these problems. (Also read: What Are The Most Effective Weight Loss Tips For Runners)

Skin problems of runners: Let’s how the runners can prevent skin related problems

  • Blister
  • Chafing
  • Jogger’s toe
  • Warts
  1. Blister

    Runners can prevent blister problems
    Skin problems for runners: Blister can cause problems for runners

    The serum-filled bubble appears on the skin is known as a blister. The main cause of blister is friction between equipment and your sweaty skin. To prevent this problem you have to reduce moisture by applying a talcum powder. This will not allow blisters to appear on your skin. (Also read: Foot Blisters: Effective Home Remedies For Blisters On the Feet)

  2. Chafing
    Chafing is a sore rash, which generally appears on inner thighs, heels and underarms. The chafing is caused due to friction, moisture and heat between your clothes and undergarments. To prevent this problem, always moisture wicking clothes. Moreover if you any area of skin get red apply the lubricant like Vaseline. (Also read: Which home remedies help to get rid of rashes on the baby’s neck)
  3. Jogger’s toe
    Jogger’s toe is caused by due to repeated pressure applied to the toes. In this condition a callus may build on the toe and may bleeding can also occur. To prevent this problem wear shoes in which toes don’t press. (Also read: How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Toenail Pain)
  4. Warts
    Papillomavirus is the main cause of warts which cause skin growth. Anyone can suffer from warts but the runner is more prone to it. This virus frequently transmitted from towels and floor mats. To prevent this problem always use clean towels and socks.

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Runners experience many skin related problems. They prevent these problems by adopting some precautionary measures. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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