Six healthy mid-morning snacks for weight loss

six healthy mid-morning snacks for weight loss

It is quite difficult to find tasty mid-morning snacks that also encourage weight loss. The mid-morning snacks will give your body the energy it needs while losing weight. Snacking is also good opportunity to fuel the body with essential nutrients.

The snacks play an important role to maintain good metabolism rate and blood sugar level of the body. Healthy snacks ensure that you won’t starve during mealtime and also accelerate fat-burning metabolism.

Moreover, mid-morning snacks should be under 200 calories and also contain a minimum of three grams of fibre, three grams of protein and less than eight grams of added sugar. The main focus should be on fibre and protein because they keep your gut from growling until lunchtime.

Here is the list of mid-morning snacks to keep starvation at bay:

Grapes and walnuts

A cup of grapes and walnuts provide sufficient energy between breakfast and lunch time. The combo contains natural sugar, fibre, healthy fats and protein which are required by the body for long lasting energy.

Oatmeal and blueberries

The combo is good to eat anytime. The oats are full of fibre which helps to regulate blood sugar level. Similarly, the blueberries add sweetness and vitamin C in the snack. Try oatmeal topped with the half cup of blueberries to keep starvation at bay.

Banana with peanut butter

Eating peanut butter in the morning will help you to control your appetite throughout rest of the day. Consuming a tablespoon of peanut butter will give you a quick energy spike while the protein will keep the energy long-lasting.

Boiled egg

A boiled egg is a great snack to grab during hunger. It is the rich source of protein which curbs your appetite for the longer time. In addition, it is also packed with nutrients like vitamin D and B12 and contains only 77 calories.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high in fibre which keeps you fuller for longer time. They are also packed with nutrients which help you to burn fat.


Watermelon has many health benefits. Eating watermelon may improve lipid profiles and lower fat accumulation. The watermelon juice also helps to reduce the level of muscle soreness.

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