How bad sleep can lead to gain weight

How bad sleep can make you to gain weight

A better night sleep is very important for a good health. A habitual sleep loss can land you in trouble. Putting on weight is one such trouble. Hence, keeping away from things that make you lose sleep is the way out.

Weight gain happens while you skip sleeping because of the balance of Grehlin hormones gets affected leading to an overstimulation. These hormones produced during our sleep are necessary for the internal functioning of the body.

So, in no case, you should compromise with your sleep. For a good sleep, you have to adjust the exposure to light and darkness as it’s one of the key factors regulating sleep and biological clocks. This exposure to even a small amount of light makes an impact on the quality of sleep. It’s better to close the window blinds and use dark curtains.

Food is also an important thing which affects our sleep order. Eating late-night meals and snacks can disrupt the proper sleep. Ideally, you shouldn’t stay up for more than 3 hours after dinner.

We all know that exercising and other physical activity are beneficial for health, fitness and wellness. It manages our body weight. However, doing such high impact exercises like cardio has not to be done at night as they can hamper your sleep. Such exercises raise the body temperature thus prevent the release of hormones and you end up putting on weight. In the evening do only light stretching and yoga only.

The clothes you wear while sleeping is also very important for a good night sleep. Tight fitting clothes including undergarments too can increase the body temperature thus reduce the secretion of melatonin. It makes a negative impact on your sleep.

The body temperature is also very vital for sleep as the body cools down when you are asleep. During sleep, our body releases fat-burning hormones and repairs the skin, bones and muscles. while going to sleep, make sure your room is cool so that the cooling process of the body is not being disrupted.

On an average, hours of sleep is ideal for adults where among children one to two hours more is advised. A lack of sleep increases the hunger and decreases growth which leads to putting on more weight.

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