Is It Good Or Bad To Exercise Right Before Going To Sleep

Is It Good Or Bad To Exercise Right Before Going To Sleep

Exercise is much important to keep a good health for a long time. Many of us think that exercise has it’s particular time and you always have to maintain the schedule. That is why you may hear people are warning you not to go for workouts during the afternoon and before you sleep at night. But have you ever thought that why exercise is not good before sleep? You could have thought that after having dinner, doing a little exercise can help in digestion. Hence, have a look at following and know the what is right and what is wrong when it comes to exercise before bed. (Also Read: Why Should You Avoid Exercising In An Air Conditioned Gym Or Room)

What is the misconception of exercising before bed:
Doing a little bit of exercise before bed can be helpful for our health. People say that it can harm your sleep, which is absolutely wrong and you are following the wrong trend. Let us tell you clearly that, some hard and vigorous exercises can release adrenaline and noradrenaline which are the stimulants in the body for elevating the heart rate. If your heart rate is elevating, it can rise up your temperature. So, these changes do not at all affect your sleep anyhow.

The timing of doing exercise before bed:
Well, the timing of your regular exercise depends on person to person. The body clock of every person is different. Although, it depends on your dinner timing too. But more or less, exercising an hour before sleep can be perfect for your health. So, if you are having dinner at eight, you should go to sleep around ten and in between, you have to complete your exercising. But make sure, after having dinner, you are giving your body some time to settle the food. Then go for mild workouts.

What type of exercise you should try before bed:
Before saying anything about this topic, let us clarify one thing to you. If you want to do some exercise before going to bed, walking can be the best option amongst everything. At night, if you go for a small walk near your society, it can be helpful as it can make the food to settle down in your body. This is not the time to go for any high-intensity workouts. Small light exercises like stretching and free hands are perfect before bed timings. (Also Read: When Is The Best Time To Exercise)

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